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Historic Competitions


The first edition of the President’s Cup dates back to 1956, just a year after the founding of what was then called the Golf Club Cervinia.
During the years of Vittorio Gallia the tournament took place on two days, 14 and 15 August. An 18-hole medal tournament took place on the first day and an 18 holes Stableford on the second. Every year there were two winners, one for each event, and their names were engraved on the large silver plate donated by the President. Numerous international-level players, both male and female, have competed for the Cup over the years, such as the unforgettable Italian Champion Isa Goldschmid, who won it in 1960. In 1971, it was decided to have the tournament take place on one day only, with the medal formula - which is what still happens today. Some of the prize-winning players have later gone on to become professionals, including Stefano Betti, today President of the Italian PGA, Alessandro Pittaluga and Diego Fiammingo.

Hall of Fame - President's Cup
1971 S. Betti
1972 R. Carità
1973 P. Medri
1974 C. Colombo Brugnoni
1975 Angelo Fumagalli
1976 Angelo Fumagalli
1977 F. Fumagalli
1978 G. Arese
1979 G. Cernuschi
1980 Alessandro Fumagalli
1981 Alessandro Fumagalli
1982 M. Rieder
1983 non disputata
1984 M. Bellenda
1985 A. Pittaluga
1986 A. Berloffa
1987 Aldo Ottonello
1988 D. Fiammengo
1989 D. Fiammengo
1990 G. Cernuschi
1991 A. Balduzzi
1992 G. Roncari
1993 M. Comé
1994 A. Arese
1995 M. Comé
1996 M. Cortese
1997 A. Balduzzi
1998 Aldo Ottonello
 1999 A. Perron
2000 A. Fiorio
2001 A. Zavattaro
2002 E. Lavevaz
2003 G. Grosjean
2004 G. F. Leoni
2005 A. Perron
2006 A. Maquignaz
2007 E. Tola
2008 M. Zanetti
2009 I. Letey
2010 Filippo Maquignaz 
2011 A. McNeill
2012 R. Rosset



The first edition of the Cervino Golden Trophy goes back to 1970. It was played, as it is nowadays too, over two days, 16 and 17 August. The tournament immediately gained a certain reputation given the value of the first prize, which was initially a reproduction of the Matterhorn cast in solid gold. It was also sponsored by the Italian Golf Federation for several years.

Hall of Fame - Cervino Golden Trophy
1970 M. Causa                                            
1971 S. Betti
1972 A. Calcaterra
1973 M. Saccona
1974 C. Visconti
1975 R. Conti
1976 Angelo Fumagalli
1977 A. Taragoni
1978 A. Piragino
1979 L. Cantarella
1980 A. Piragino
1981 M. Rieder
1982 Alessandro Fumagalli
1983 non disputat
1984 B. A. Castiglioni
1985 B. A. Castiglioni
1986 F. Barbé
1987 G. Cernuschi
1988 D. Botti
1989 O. Comé
1990 Aldo Ottonello
1991 P. Gai
1992 M. Comé
1993 F. Maquignaz
1994 F. Maquignaz
1995 A. Burzio
1996 A. Daino
1997 A. Daino
1998 Aldo Ottonello
1999 L. Fusetti
2000 P. Richard
2001 S. Hancock
2002 S. Sperotti
2003 G. Mesisca
2004 G. Grosjean
2005 M. Lucat
2006 E. Lavevaz
2007 M. P. Fiorio
2008 S. Seravalle
2009 S. Seravalle
2010 Federico Maquignaz
2011 C. Guazzi
2012 T. Munafò



The Cervino Pro-Am took place for the first time in 1986. It’s a two-day tournament in which one professional and three amateurs take part and is held in July. It’s always a great success with Italian and foreign professionals, who each year pull out all the stops to compete for the prize on offer. This prestigious tournament has seen the participation of the most important players on the Italian golfing scene.



The Combined Ski & Golf competition takes place in July; this event is unique of its kind, and was founded in 1991 by the current Honorary President Mario Cravetto and sponsored by the Funivie del Cervino. It’s a team competition in which competitors take part on the first day in a giant slalom race on the snows of Plateau Rosà, at a height of 3500 metres, and on the second day they compete in a golf match. The unusual nature of this event has attracted a huge number of participants over the years, and they have been able to enjoy the splendid, unspoilt natural surroundings of the glacier, perennially snow-covered, and then compete on the nine holes of the highest golf course in Europe. Skiing and Golf: a combination that only Cervinia, 2000 metres up in the mountains, can offer.


Golf is not just a summer sport in Cervinia. In January 1995, the first match in Europe between professionals, played on a completely snow-covered course, took place here. The event was devised and organised by Mario Cravetto with the collaboration of some prestigious sponsors in the sector; some of the most important Italian players took part and competed in an exciting skin-game. The event was repeated in 1996, and in 1997 it attracted a large audience of fans and others, who followed with interest the challenge between pros and the initiatives linked to it.